Pam Brettell, England

"I had an amazing experience staying with Shrehari and his family for ayurvedic treatments at his home in Kerala. The massages and steam treatments were great and the food cooked by his lovely wife Sheeja was wonderful. I felt so much better after just 7 days. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to try this comprehensive therapy. Dr.Shrehari explained the reasons for his choice of treatment and also gave me useful dietary advice. The house atmosphere was friendly and very welcoming. I shall return soon,"

Pam Brettell, England

Jorge Christine, Paris, France

"I had two panchakarma treatments in doctor hari’s house. One of one month and, a year after, one of fifteen days. These treatments cleaned me very deeply, in a way I could not imagine: very practical, efficient, simple, deep. Simple things like resting, and feeling rested was still very heavy and difficult for me, and since the treatments, I feel stronger in a very simple way. My body and mind are like fresh and able to work efficiently in daily routine. It helped me also to understand many things about me and my way of living. I now feel more aware and confident of the balance in my life. I was expecting such extraordinary things, and ..actually … it is true ! But not as I imagine it !!! it is really what I NEEDED not EXPECTED !!! I really loved to spend those days in Meenambalam, in Doctor Hari’s house, the village is really peaceful. He and his family are really caring and understanding. It is important when you do such a treatment."

Jorge Christine, Paris, France

Tram-anh vu, Netherlands

"Desire to heal in a loving atmosphere with full attention for your health? Dr. Shrehari's center is the place to be. He has amazing skills to analyse what is the matter. I enjoyed my time in India with him and his family. So incredibly Loving, Healing with fantastic Panchakarma and Herbs. A place where you can relax, be yourself and have a taste of the beautiful spiritual culture of Kerala India."

Tram-anh vu, Netherlands

Philippe Blanc, Montpellier, France

"In February 2014, I made a panchakarma at Dr. Shre Hari in Kerala, for three weeks, professionalism, accuracy of diagnosis, listening and kindness are the criteria for Mr. Shre Hari. It will be a pleasure to renew the experience."

Philippe Blanc, Montpellier, France

Ingrid van der Velden

"It has been a delightful experience and a very healing journey to have spend four weeks at Dr ShreHari's Clinic, I received a full consultation and full treatment-plan to get myself back on my feet. Receiving daily treatments twice by an expert therapist. I slowly started to heal, mind ,body and spirit. The body relaxed and readjusted herself beautifully, my brain was slowly getting quiet and the spirit more vivacious and alert. The clinic is clean, bright and the bedrooms comfortable and spacious. Bathrooms modern and clean, privat.

Food has been great and delicious. Everyday a new surprise of healing nutrition! It was easy to get around and a walk to the local little shops, or take a taxi. Dr ShreHari expertise and knowledge is inspiring! Dr Shre Hari has integrity is discrete and a modest man. I was advised certain herbs and oils to use and apply and that was treatment well advised with great result.

I can highly recommend you to stay with Dr ShreHari and his lovely wife Sheeja , whom is cheerful and an excellent cooke with a big heart. "

Ingrid van der Velden, Spain

We had numerous satisfied patients around the globe from countries like Holland, Spain, France, Belgium, England, British, Italy, Israel, Denmark, German, Irish, Bulgaria and United States.

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