About S D M Ayurveda Center

About SDM Ayurveda Center

Sivajyothi Dharmananda Memorial Ayurveda Center is one of the most Traditional Ayurveda Hospital. The hospital was started services since 1980 with the instructions of Sadguru Swami Sivajyothi Dharmananda. SDM Ayurveda Center have one of the best collections of Ayurvedic Researches founded by Sivajyothi Dharmananda.

The hospital provides Treatments for Patients in a Good Manner. All Doctors are Well-Practiced under Ayurvedic Researches. SDM Ayurveda Center provide you a Better Accommodation and a Good Life Style here. Since 1980, Indian Medical Hospital and Research Laboratory (Now known as SDM Ayurveda Center from 2001) was under the supervision of Swamiji and after his samadhi, Dr. Shrehari, the current trust president of Sivajyothi Dharmananda ashramam took over all its responsibilities and continuing its service preserving all the traditional heritage of this ayurvedic health center.

All the Treatments in this ayurvedic hospital had been evolved from Ancient Traditions and it holds expert treatments for Leukemia, Psoriasis, Skin Diseases, Gastric Problems, Uterus Cancer, Breast Cancer, Stress, Insomnia, Backache, Digestive Disorders, Gynecological Diseases and Asthma etc... SDM Ayurveda Center have treatments like Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Elakizhi, Takra Dhara, Dhanyamla Dhara, Nasyam, Kativasthi, Sirodhara, Udvartanam, Abhyangam, Siropichu, Vamanam and Virechanam.

The hospital provides better homestay facility for inpatients. Rooms are well-furnished living rooms and attached bathrooms. This homestay along with homely food which keeps on Ayurveda Padhya helps to retain and maintain your health. This ayurvedic center has all types traditional massages which gives you relief and refreshment. SDM ayurveda center is unique since all the medicines used for treatments are prepared here itself.

SDM Ayurveda Center is located in a prominent location in Kollam and it is a major attraction for tourists since it is near to Varkala Beach, Paravur Lake, Puthenkulam Elephant Village and have facilities to for boating.

We had numerous satisfied patients around the globe from countries like Holland, Spain, France, Belgium, England, British, Italy, Israel, Denmark, German, Irish, Bulgaria and United States.

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Swami Sivajyothi Dharmananda

Swami Sivajyothi Dharmananda


Born on 1924 July 6 in Odanavattom, Kottarakkara, Kollam District. In 1961 he got the registration from the Ayurveda Council and Started Practicing in the Government Department. After he done many researches and in 1993 he found out an Effective Treatment for Leukemia.

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Dr. Shrehari.P

Dr. Shrehari.P

Main Doctor

Dr. Shrehari.P (BAMS) completed his Ayurveda from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science. Many patients from all over India as well as from Abroad also benefited from doctor treatments like Panchakarma Therapies as well as Traditional Medicines. He is the current trust president of Sivajyothi Dharmananda ashramam took over all its responsibilities and continuing its service preserving all the traditional heritage of this ayurvedic health center.

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  • Homestay Available- SDM Ayurveda Center provides a better homestay here. From here you can get a better lifestyle.
  • Well Furnished Rooms- The hospital provides well furnished rooms, dining hall etc...
  • Attached Bathroom Facilities- The hospital provides separate clean attached bath room facilities for each bed room.
  • Homely Foods- SDM Ayurveda Center provides tasty nutritious homely foods suitable for treatment.
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I had an amazing experience staying with Shrehari and his family for ayurvedic treatments at his home in Kerala. The massages and steam treatments were great and the food cooked by his lovely wife Sheeja was wonderful...

Pam Brettell, England

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I had two panchakarma treatments in doctor hari’s house. One of one month and, a year after , one of fifteen days. These treatments cleaned me very deeply, in a way I could not imagine : very practical, efficient, simple, deep. Simple things like resting, and feeling rested was still very heavy and difficult for me, and since the treatments , I feel stronger in a very simple way...

Jorge Christine, Paris, France

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