Sadguru Swami Sivajyothi Dharmananda

Sadguru Swami Sivajyothi Dharmananda

Born on 1924 July 6 in Odanavattom, Kottarakkara, Kollam District. From his childhood onwards, he used to sit alone and do Meditation. He used to Study and Attend Philosophical Classes from the Sanyasis and the Yogis who visit his house to see his father from the age of 8 onwards. At the age of 20 in 1944, he went to Kudajatri, Agasyakudam, Maruttamala, for doing meditation as well as to find out the Truth in the Philosophy. He spent nearly five years in these places. During that time he met many yogis and sanyasis, he got the Yoga Vidya and Lessons about Siddha Vaidyam. From there he came back and Started Studying Ayurveda Degree course from the Trivandrum Ayurveda Medical College and got his Degree D.I.M (Diploma in Integrated Medicine). After the Ayurveda course he went again to study yoga vidya and practices in Maruttamala, Agasyagoodam.

At the age of 32, he met a Yogi named Sambarani Swami, who give him some basic lessons of Yoga Vidya. After he met Sri. Swayam Poornanda Swami, the Guru of Sambranasawamy, and became his follower and started learning and practicing Kundalini Yoga under his guidance. Along with this he studied and well versed in subjects like the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Brahma Sutras. Other than these he earned knowledge about Buddha, Jain, Christian and Islamic Philosophies.

In 1961 he got the registration from the Ayurveda Council and Started Practicing in the Government Department. After the completion of studies he went for Philosophical studies. So after a gap of 10 years he returned to Ayurvedic Fields as a Doctor. During his services in the department itself, he started Ayurveda-Siddha Combination Medicines by his researches and started treating peoples. After 20 years of service in the Govt.Department, he retired from the Department in 1981. After he has done many researches and in 1993 he found out an Effective Treatment for Leukemia. So many patients got completely cured by the treatment. He found out Medicines for Most of the Diseases. So many people got very good results and cured.

In Odanavattom, Kollam dist. Where he born, he Built an Ashramam and a Temple for the people to worship. The ashramam is for the yogis and to do spiritual classes, meditation etc.., In Odanavattom near Kalapilla Lower Primary School he Build a Library in the SNDP Yogam for the public. In Meenambalam, Paripally, Kollam dist. for the Karimpaloor SNDP Yogam also Swami built a library for public. In Meenambalam he Built a Sreenarayana Guru Mandiram also for the people in Gurudevapuram. He has done so many donations and helps so many peoples. In 2001 July 2nd Swami got Samadhi in Meenambalam. His Samadhi Mandiram was built in his birth place Odanavattom, in the ashramam. Swami has a form a trust to take care of the ashramam and other activities in the name Sivajyothi Dharmananda Ashramam Trust which was registered in 1994.

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I had an amazing experience staying with Shrehari and his family for ayurvedic treatments at his home in Kerala. The massages and steam treatments were great and the food cooked by his lovely wife Sheeja was wonderful...

Pam Brettell, England

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I had two panchakarma treatments in doctor hari’s house. One of one month and, a year after , one of fifteen days. These treatments cleaned me very deeply, in a way I could not imagine : very practical, efficient, simple, deep. Simple things like resting, and feeling rested was still very heavy and difficult for me, and since the treatments , I feel stronger in a very simple way...

Jorge Christine, Paris, France

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