Uterus Cancer

Treatment for Uterus Cancer

Uterus is a part of womans reproductive system. Several cancer which occur in the uterus is called uterus cancer. There will be a buildup of extra cells often form a mass of tissue called a growth or tumour. Tumour in the uterus will be benign or malignant. Benign is not harmful, but malignant is harmful. Benign tumors are polyps, fibroid. It won't spread to the body, neither grow back once removed. But malignant will spread, once removed, it can grow back, damage nearby tissues and organs.

The common symptoms of uterus cancer are abnormal vaginal bleeding, discharges, pain or difficulty while emptying the bladder, pain during sex, pain in the pelvic area.

The causes are obesity, reproductive and menstrual history, hereditary factors, due to radiation therapies in the pelvis. Diagnosis can be done by ultrasound scan, MRI, CT scan, endometrial biopsy.

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